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DIX Daily, January 2004

Friday, January 30. Man, I guess I've never had this long pause since previous post, it turned out to be like a week this time. Damn, I was wasted, tied to bed for a week - and, just to be sure not to get sick again, I will stay in bed for the rest of this week.

So how I've been? I see you've been doing great, coming back here every single day a couple of times not willing to miss the moment when I come back to life... So here I am. I've basically been laying around the home, swallowing various medicine, eating fruits and drinking tea, grape juice and other healthy stuff. Made DIX HQ my own personal sanitarium this week. I would like to thank Evita, Pinx, DeeDee, Gust, Father Imants, Mother Maija, Father Agris, Guntis, RayNiz, Ingo, Iwchiq, Anna, Crab, Ieva and everyone else for their assistance and support during those hard coughing, sneezing, sweating and throat aching days. Lately I have entered a stage where my temperature ain't that high, but I still sweat like a pig. Luckily the colorful toonies I was seeing the first days are gone. Before my illness me and Pinx checked on some buddies overseas. Markus Anderdahl sends everyone greetings from Sweden, he writes about cars in a magazine and tells he'll pay a visit to Latvia somewhen in February. A completely different story comes from St. Petersburg - as we called Agentstvo Jurnalistskih Rassledovanij, we were informed Vladimir Khozikov ain't working there anymore already since a long time. His cell phone was temporarily disabled and the only email address we got was at his workplace. So we do not currently know what he is doing or where he is and how is the DIX NIK Clip Collection CD doing I sent him a couple of months ago. Can anyone help us? Maybe someone from Baltic Journalist List? During this week I have received a greeting message from Rosie, giving high-five on the pictures from the Course Reunion 2004. Speaking about messages - another one came from Ireland, from all our beloved and missed Crab: Thank you for congratulations on namesday - it's already drinked and partied away, but there was not that much of funny tricks or situations - you know, it's not the same company, not the same bottles down here. I see only work these days - only Sunday is rest. I joined a local sport club - not to lose the money I have to also go there and exercise, swim and sit in a sauna [closer to shitauna than sauna]. When I come home it's very often I just pass out in a nanosecond. That's it. In May I quit the Irekinsoniojai, am buying the ticket next week. If you count it, damn - three years. Seems like I left just last spring. Here, check out some pictures of me in Ireland. Ok, take care. When I come back, we will stick together. Team Walmyrr forever. Have received also a letter from Playboy that read Threesome letter in the subject line: Dear Reader: About a year ago, we invited readers of the Playboy Advisor to submit their real-life stories of threesomes, with the idea of learning more about how they occur in real life, for better or worse. We got so many responses, including yours, that the Advisor has just now finished reading them all. We would like to publish excerpts from a few of these letters in an upcoming issue and plan to sign each letter with initials and a city and state, as is standard practice on letters to the column (for example, R.R., Chicago, Illinois). If we include your story--and it's made it to the final round--your email address will not be published, only initials and a city and state. Can you please provide this information? Thanks again for your sharing your story. Mark Williams for The Playboy Advisor. Movies: I filled my days mostly with watching various movies that have piled up in my folder, so I start reviewing them: Freddy vs. Jason - a weak horror movie, although has some peak moments. See it if you don't know what the hell Freddy or Jason are, but would like to find out [which was my first and foremost purpose in seeing this flick] in an easy an hour and a half mild bloodfest - or if you are a die hard Elm Street and Halloween fan [but then you probably already have purchased the DVD version for freezeframing]. Quotes: Lori: Hey. Gibb, what are you doing? I thought you were gonna quit. Gibb: I only smoke when I drink now. Kia: But you're always drinking. Gibb: Yeah, well, I'll work on that next. *** Freddy Krueger: Your eyes say "no, no." But my mouth says "yes, yes." [..] I should warn you, princess... the first time tends to get a little... messy. [From Freddy vs. Jason]. Furthermore, I watched Evita, Mother Night and Pornstar: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy - none of them proved to be powerful enough to drag in my diseased [I mean, the flu, get it?] mind in so deep i would watch it until the end. Quote: Ron Jeremy: How big is my penis? It's two inches - from the floor! Actually it's nine and three quarters. [From Pornstar: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy]. George Kraft: All the best writers are dead. [From Mother Night]. Then I watched Thelma & Louise - a powerful feminine demonstration, even today, let alone for the year it was made in [1991]. A must-see, if you haven't already. Sadly, in my version a lot of the meaning was lost in translation as the nasally speaking famous Russian translator stumbled upon the ruggedness of English grammar. Also one of the Oscar nominees Lost In Translation was lost somewhere along the writers/directors Sofia Coppola's way - to best describe this movie I'll use two quotes from IMDB's user comments: "it lets sequences breathe and take their own shape" and "so, Sophia, what's your point?" Quote: Charlotte: You're probably just having a mid-life crisis. Did you buy a Porsche yet? [From Lost In Translation]. I saw also Jim Jarmush's followup to Dead Man - Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai. A landmark performance from Forest Whitaker, being so powerful and well developed conceit as the title character. A slow, monotonous headtrip for the light of heart. Quote: Ghost Dog: There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the moment. A man's whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there is nothing left to do, and nothing else to pursue. [From Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai]. Bullets Over Broadway was a surprisingly good and interesting comedy about a drama writer with no talent and and a mob who writes a famous play for him. Great jokes, good actors and an interesting story. A good chick flick. Quote: Rita: For me, love is very deep, but sex only has to go a few inches. [From Bullets Over Broadway]. Coen brothers production O, Brother, Where Art Thou was something I didn't quite get - the country style adaptation of what they claim Homers Odyssey was a crazy road trip with some nice jokes thrown in and a brilliant soundtrack - Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby sung by the Sirens earned a place in the golden shelf of my record collection instantly! A movie to see with your friends on alight entertainment evening. Quote: Ulysses Everett McGill: It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart. [From O, Brother, Where Art Thou]. That's it for now, I'm going to complete my recovery course. Link: Dave Barry's daughter is about to turn 4, "which means we have to hold a birthday party, which means my wife is, at the moment, insane." Quote of the Day: Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography. [Sent in by Pinx, the World War II fanatic]. Fri., January 23. Update on my health status - was coughing all night, but with help of Mother Maija's suggested Ambrolan, Bromhexin and Flavamed am felling a bit better now. I drank my share of hot morning drinks, now am going back to sleep. Link: Leading blogger of Latvia Laacz has been blessed with another cool link of the week - I must point out some stories of his: [Story about Aunt Bronislaw and Uncle Alexander] [Story about neighbors] [Opinion on Career] [Reasons for Depression]. Thu., January 22. Am going to get a good nights sleep and wake up ready for work somewhen later today. Sweet dreams y'all. Sadly I woke up ill and with aching throat - that was why I was feeling all dizzy yesternight. Let's see how the illness progresses. Link: Mara, a work colleague of mine, pointed out a pretty nice shockwave skating Flintstones game - the main fun here is not to complete the game, but to see the boys fall and bounce as they hit the rocks. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of Southpark, are working on a new movie about terrorism or stuff like that. The guys at Penny Arcade say the trailer for the new Van Helsing movie rocks. Check it out - Wolverine Hugh Jackman is in it, so it's a must see. MaKo has posted some painful, but happy love story. Quote: Wayne Hayes: - Do you love me? Eileen Hayes:- Yes. Wayne Hayes: - Then I have everything I need. From The Clearing. Tue., January 20. Watched The Guns Of Navarone yesterday with Pinx. Link: PvPOnline on guys who get sent to buy stuff for girls. Quote: [..] You have personal rules. Sometimes it feels like thin reasoning, but they're the rules that keep you sane in the game. Your girl is listening to you make calls, she's watching you pace your apartment. She's a good girl, your main girl, the only girl who can say she's yours. She knows the game more than she wishes she did. Her brother had a little hustle. He'd been supporting his whole family, his sister, grandmother, mother and his own kid since he was a teenager. So she knows how important it is that this work get from New York to Memphis in the next 24 hours. When she volunteers to make the trip, to tape the work to her body and board the plane, the idea itself makes your stomach turn. You can actually feel something inside you shift. But even though you know her entire family, you put her on that plane. When things go smoothly you want to act as if this was a once in lifetime thing. That you would never, under normal circumstances, have put your girl - your girl, not some chick - in danger like that. But you know you already did, that a line has been crossed, that you went too far. From The Black Book by Shawn Carter [aka Jay-Z]. Mon., January 19. Link: PvPOnline on Sentimental Guy Things. Also, the tickets to the CLaWfiNger concert Wednesday, Feb. 18, currently cost Ls 7. Sun., January 18. This day was spent in majestic WuTang-worthy laziness the only thing I did was re-watching Casablanca and checking out some of the latest episodes of Sex And The City together with Evita. Afterwards we watched NFL semifinals with Pinx, RayNiz and Iwchiq - Carolina Panthers [our favorites after Green Bay was eliminated] proceeded onto SuperBowl Sunday after next, Feb. 1. So here I am, at 5 AM Monday morning, sitting writing my daily column. This is especially hard after a marvelously beautiful weekend filled with positively uplifting experience. A perfect weekend. A weekend that doesn't want you to do anything else but relax, sit back, close your eyes and remember the events and emotions with a overhappy smile on your face. Check out below what we did on Saturday. Link: Dave Barry takes on how sick the art world can get, yet again. Sat., January 17. On Course reunion 2004 - first of all - thanxalot go to Checkz for the perfectly organized event in Birds and skillfully played music. Talking on music, by the way, one of the partypeople that night, Rosie, is also putting out his first music compilation Changing Values along with oncoming release from alltime best DJ, our own Checkz - Parapops III - Let's Check Again, featured prominently sometime later on in our Parapops Music section. However, apart from already mentioned fellows we were Dana, Solvita, Signe, Divs, Ingmaar, Gust, Zane, Rosie, Jimi Hendrixx, Pinx, DeeDee, Iwchiq, Lelde, RayNiz and me, Jay Kay. I would like to point out the waitress, who seemed like she knew better which people we would like to see in our room and which not - anytime someone tried to occupy any of the free seats in Birds Winter Garden [even at 23.00 when nobody else was expected to arrive] she broadly hinted they must leave the place at once. A fun episode: RayNiz is taking some time ordering his drink, so Ingmaar cuts in from another table to place his order, but the waitress denies service with words: "No, don't order yet, then I'll have to think..." Judging from our table operator, thinking isn't a part of typical waitress work requirements, as is childishly shrill voice. Also, some time later in the party Jimi returned with a peeing story: he had gone to talk to Uncle John on the big white phone, but the Birds WC was overcrowded so he left to an Irish pub next door. Some drunkard started hitting on Jimi and our guy replied in English: "Sorry, I don't understand you, I'm from England." A company-eager Englishman overheard this and asked Jimi: "Which part of England are you from?" "Middlesbrough. You?" "Yorkshire." "Mmm, Yorkshire. Where's that?" "Where's that? It's 20 kilometers from Middlesbrough!" "Ok, I gotta go now." Toilet was the source also for RayNiz toon [a toon is someones version on an actual event, mostly a little bit out of the ordinary, mostly funny] later on - while attending the loo he overheard some couple's conversation in the next room - a guy asking his chick: "Hey, have you ever you ever had your hair done like that blondie in Something About Mary?" More on pickup lines of todays youth - Iwchiq told another episode by the stairs connecting the first floor with the party basement level: a pretty drunk guy asking a chick: "Does this stair lead down?" "Yes." "Will I be able to get down to the partyzone via those stairs?" "Yes." "Hey, I'm afraid, would you mind accompanying me downstairs?" We spent the evening in fun talk, collective memories, jokes and Divs provoked striptease perfomed by Jay Kay, there were also some talks about a second movie and a DVD version of The Green Instinct. Pictures will be available as soon as Gust transports them to me. After the party we crashed at Pink Place to get up early for a slight Saturday shopping after which I returned home dead tired and sleepy to catch a little nap before Evita and Christine arrived for a three hour chit-chat wine drinking before hitting Forum Cinemas to see the final edition in Lord Of The Rings trilogy. We were joined by RayNiz, Lelde, Pinx, Iwchiq and their Mother Mara. And the movie was good - a three hour interest packed piece with solid chunks of good action. It was filmmaking and storytelling at its finest, using every single minute of time, said word our sound and square centimeter on screen to evolve the story - and it was rewarded with audience applauding. See it. In cinema. And preferably bring along a bottle of good ol' mix of brandy and coke like me and Evita did, or else it will be hard to endure the three something hour long event. Interestingly, Viggo Mortensen became to play role of his life as Aragorn pretty late into production just because the director Peter Jackson felt Stuart Townsend [wonderful as Dorian Gray in League of Extraordinary Gentleman] was too young for the role [he had gone through six weeks of training and one day of shooting]. Also, while filming the trilogy, Mortensen got so into character that during a conversation, the director referred to him as "Aragorn" for over half an hour without Viggo realizing it.

Fri., January 16. Thanx to Ingmaar for bringing our attention to this event - February 18 dix gang is going to Dream Factory where one of the must-see bands of this lifetime - CLAWFINGER!!! - makes its appearance to promote their newest album Zeros and Heroes! Tonight dix gang will appear for Lord of the Drinks in Birds, aka Course Reunion 2004. Miraculously, RayNiz namesday celebration happens the same time same place so some of us might have hard time dealing. Quote: Macon: When I ask you to go out with me this Friday night you're gonna think you're the one asking me because you're gonna say 'yes Macon, I would love to go out with you because I know we'll have a totally great time together. In fact, I'd been hoping you'd ask me all week.' Halley: You wanna go out on a date with me? Macon: See, I told you you'd ask me. From How To Deal. *** People ask me: How do you make a game? I say: You sit in front of your computer and stare at the screen, and a year later you get up. From Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry. Link: You don't need a hamburger, you're too fat. Movie information: If you doubt Hollywood needs fresh ideas more than deserts need the rain, guess, for example, what is Peter Jackson going to do after LOTR trilogy - King Kong! Where will the giant ape climb once they bring him to New York and he discovers the WTC towers are gone? And - once upon a time, there was even a movie called Home Alone 4! Poor French Stewart, he once started as an interesting alien in 3rd Rock From The Sun, but after a miserable role in the fourth installment in McCallister saga he played Inspector Gadget in IG2 to secure his place in lifetime failure awards [too bad the TER dude stopped doing them a couple of years ago]. PvPOnline on a Mac users softest spot. Thu., January 15. Yesternight me and Mouse watched Les Triplettes de Belleville and I must say it was the most miserable piece of animation that has hit my TV screen in its entire life. Just to think somebody had the nerve to put such an awful crap to the big screen and bore the unlucky viewers with a sick cartoon for an hour and a third makes me wanna forbid European cinema as a whole. I actually was gonna see this movie because I read somewhere on the net it was a clever irony of the French and Americans - their hamburgers, frog legs, fat and stuff like that. Yes, all of those things were there, but nothing even remotely funny was shown during this demonstration of cinematic failure. The characters were developed poorly, events unfolded absurdly and the final episode [for unknown reasons European directors feel a terrific urge to include in their product a solid ripoff of some kind of B class American movie that fails to create the same emotions and serves no other purpose than to underline the inability of European cinemaperson to follow some classic guidelines of moviemaking] had no chance to hold my attention since I had already turned to my liquor supplies to binge and soak my mind in some brandy to make at least some part of that night memorable and filled with positive emotions. Thereby I would like to quote the interview with the creator of Avarijas Brigade, Maris Putnins, in yesterdays Rigas Balss: In Europe, movies are made by people who are happy to make just about something. They make what they want to make, not what somebody wants to see. Consequently nobody in Europe goes to see a European flick, everyone goes to see American movies [..] It ain't neither business, nor art. He becomes even more agressive as he continues to analyze the lack of audience-oriented moviemaking in European cinema: In Norway, the government decided to show the audience all home made movies. Consequently the most dissatisfied people with this turn of events were the moviemakes themselves, because viewership of Norway saw what awful stuff is created for they taxpayer money. Thus, the verdict for this movie stands - avoid at all costs. I hope [hactually, I kinda know, because there is no lower to fall] there will be more and better news for you and me tomorrow. Aw yea, I was so pissed after all that, I smoked another cigarette [I know some of you out there will feel malicious joy after reading those lines]. I must say I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to, but a more extensive review of a smokers path to not-smoking will be published here somewhen around the weekend when we will be past the drinking and smoking fest Friday in the Birds called Course Reunion 2004. Link: I know there is a lot of you who participate in them online football and hockey games and stuff. I have found a new, interesting and kinda more rewarding game at Grow Your Own. It a place where you can grow virtual weed with real prizes to win. Also I checked out the queries people find this site by in Google - one of them was golf*.mov funny. Interestingly, this search produces a lot more relevant links than - for example Sick Jokes, Cheezy Videos, Fun4Fun. Quote: For example, what is a good co-production? Let's suppose I am an Italian, you - a Swede. We drink in a pub and decide to make a joint picture, something like - a Swede goes to Italy, falls in love, plunks into channel of Venice, sinks, a very tragic flick. Cool. We start to go through the co-production formalities, after a year funds give us money - at a point where there is no scent of the final product! Well, but if we have the money, there is no problem to hire another six of them scriptwriters. We shoot the movie. It turns out, of course, to be a total crap... And there are lots of them. It is a way to pleasantly spend the taxpayers money. All of it is then called art, and the governement [ours as well] puts down a tick mark - see, we have some sort of culture now. From interview with Maris Putnins, Rigas Balss, 14.01.2004. Wed., January 14. We [meaning me, Mouse, Jippo, DeeDee and Pinx] watched Seven Years In Tibet yesterday. A movie that started pretty slow, but left you pondering some values in life and other stuff like that. Pretty interesting and worth a look once, if you like to live through other peoples lives and compare their experiences and choices with your own. Interestingly, the director sent a team to Tibet to secretly film footage about 20 minutes of which made it to the finished film. This was kept secret even after the film's premiere and not known until summer 1999. After DeeDee left, we completed watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days to make it a perfect movie watching evening - and I must say [as the only one from the remaining gang who hadn't seen it] the middle part where the pretty unattractive Kate Hudson makes Matthew McConaughey [so adorable in those romance movies] go ape with all her uncontrollable chick stuff - that part is hilarious, you must see it with your babe to let her know how ridiculous does she look pulling off stunts like that. OK, the movie is pretty one sided and sexist that way, but does hold balance pretty well in sweet and awfully cliche ending. In other news - I drunk about a half beer and smoked about a half cigarette that night - but I couldn't help myself, yesternight I was just feeling really happy with the party, myself and my place in the world. So now - what may Jay Kay say today of how he played his way last day? Quote: Andie: Unattached? Ben: Currently. Andie: Likewise. Ben: Surprising. Andie: Psycho? Ben: Rarely. Interested? Andie: Perhaps. Ben: Hungry? Andie: Starving. Ben: Leaving? Andie: Now? From How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Update on how to connect two PCs running Win98 and WinXP via crosover cable from 22. November 2003 by Gust. Using the same parameters indicated on 22.11.2003 and having NETBEUI installed on WinXP, you don't need to set a Gateway on any PC. Thus WinXP: IP: Subnet: Gateway: - DNS: - Win98: IP: Subnet: Gateway: - DNS: - And an easier way to get to the other PC [not using Windows Explorer/Network Neighborhood] is through Start -> Run :\\IP Address. Tue., January 13. We have added some new pictures from recent visit of Anna - if you remember the dog birth her and Iwchiq were attending. As we prepare for the takeover of Birds this weekend, another feathered venue caught my eye - Bird day 2004. All of you from Limbazhi, check out the pics to meet some familar faces [1] [2] [3] [4] etc.! In April, Norah Jones will be touring pretty near the ones likely to meet her for a live performance and listen to her newest product Feels Like Home. Currently the prices stand about 50 EUR. Nah, for that money we'd better head to meet Metallica on their European tour. Still feels like summer of 1999 when we catched MetOnTour in Tallinn... You go ahead, but will we actually repeat the event? Ich don't fink so, we have more interesting plans ahead for this summer. Mon., January 12. Congratulations to RayNiz on his namesday! Updated some stuff over there at Ozo Golf Club homepage. Link: Yesterday, Dave Barry explained the reason entire world runs so smoothly: Guys. Finally a sheriff's deputy was called to the scene of the dispute; after listening to the two sides, he shot both guys in the head, to improve the gene pool. Movie news - Kill Bill Vol.2 will be released on April 16 instead of February 20, Bruce Willis talks about Die Hard 4. Sun., January 11. We re-watched Battle Royale the other night. Check out also the table to have some of your questions answered. Thought: Idols are for people who can't live up to their own dreams so they have to chase after someone else's. Link: More tests from the which-movie-you-belong-in website - Which Finding Nemo character are you? - I turned out to be Gill [You da fish! Being the smart one of your little group, you've probably got big plans for yourself. They may seem wild and imposible to your closest peers, but you know they'll work. You're very confident in your abilities, and you know you can change the hearts and minds of people through your own hard work. You're GILL, the smart fish with sights on success]. Also What sign of affection are you? looked worth checking out. They say I'm cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be close to your special someone and feel warm, comfortable, and needed. Strangely, the celebrity I am gonna marry is Johnny Depp. Sat., January 10. Completed the Checkout table for 2004, it's a new and updated version. As always, there is no manual, use it or lose it. Did one hell of a job with Mouse, cleaning up DIX HQ. Now I will proceed virtual DIX home on the web, namely, In other news, Once upon a time on Chuck street we watched a clip about a lion [or a puma] discussing life in the zoo vs. life "back there in Brazil". The animal was so interesting we had a pretty good laugh about this short clip. A few years later, I guess last February I begun a search for the clip which consisted basically of me asking if they know where to find the movie to random people. Then my survey did not yield any results. Now, a year later I once again became pretty much interested in the zoo tale and did a quick search around the internet - my only hint was that the animation was very similar to the one in Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit. After a few clicks in IMDB, it turned out to be 1991 Academy Award winner in category Best Short Film, Animated Films - Creature Comforts [here is a direct link to the .mov file], from the Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park. Interestingly, The film's soundtrack is a mixture of actual interviews with shut-ins and zoo attendees, and semi-acting. The leopard was a Brazilian friend of director who hated England. Nick Park and Richard Goleszowski are also behind Creature Comfort 2003 [interesting trivia this 10 minute clip took 18 months to make, with an average of four seconds of film produced a day and all the dialogue was taken from unscripted, unrehearsed interview footage with anonymous members of the public. All cartoon characters and situations were therefore created to fit the voices, unlike other animation in which it is usually the other way round...]. There are some short clips from the new animation to download. But then I stumbled upon another problem - saving Quicktime movies to disc. I have had trouble saving Quicktime .movs already a couple of times in the past - sometimes I won, sometimes I lost to Apple Computers, but this time it was war. MacOs X users can get their help at MacOsXTips [especially those who use Safari, and those who understand French - IGetMovies], but what was I to do? I used Altavistas Babelfish translation method, suggested by Checkz on one of them French pages. The solution was so simple I was banging my head against the desk for not thinking about it earlier. In case you are not able to download the movie to your disk, Quicktime usually allows you to save some really small stream start movie [it usually can be found in the source file of the internet page - in this case]. You just open it with a text editor and find the corresponding link within the file []. Now, rename the original link [] to [], paste it in your browsers location bar, download the movie and then save it from within your browser command menu. Voila! Link: Kelly Rowland, the hottest of dem Destiny's Child. Also here. And here. And here. And here. Fri., January 09. Congratulations to Crab on today's namesday! Ain't it funny that his domainname is owned by a restaurant and catering service - and he himself is to become a part of DIX, the comic as a bartender? This also interesting. Anyway's - greetings, Crab, and, please, check your email! And last, but not least - salut to Checkz, who has disguised his real name so good it made even us foget he celebrates his namesday today! Tonight as me and Pinx were lying peacefully next one to another, WuTang arrived at around 8 AM to cuddle and canoodle between and among us. It was pretty nice, having the small and beautiful pussy crawling all around and over us, purring and meowing, pressing softly and pleasantly to our faces, simultaneously expressing and demanding love... Just like an Estonian... The thing is, WuTang is really a cat with his own mind that doesn't particularly enjoy when somebody takes him in his arms to squeeze. Now he does this early morning every now and then. You know those cats, that come to you all the time and want to be squeezed and caressed all the time because they probably don't have anything better to do. The case with WuTang is - when this self-confident, arrogant and majestic cat does this, it really means something... Also, more on WuTang. During the last weeks he has become more electrical, just like the Electric Cat - everytime you touch him, you receive short dosage of electric charge. Maybe, if you tried to caress him a while longer, you would accumulate up to 220 volts worth of charge? In other news, we have found our little blue book announced as missing Monday - it was put on heating to dry after WuTang accidentally knocked over a glass on the precious. Link: A little something for avid Sex And The City fans: SATC games. And - Benvenuto today takes on artist who has participated in an experiment where he had to draw a portrait while on LSD. Check out number 6 and be sure to read the accompanying description of how did the artist draw the images. Also - a Sinfest story on guys acting gay [1] [2] [3]. Some more or less recent Laacz on Latvian in digital age. Thu., January 08. Anna just sent me the pictures from New Year 2004, they are for you to check out in the newly opened Visions 2004 section. Anna also would like to send out greetings to everybody and say thanx for the time well spent in Riga - DIX gang was fun! In other news - seems like the therapy of love and tenderness starts to win over my disease and I am finally able to eat something. My health finally seems back to normal, tonight I discovered that I am able to eat again when I was invited to lunch by the best football journalist in Latvia, Askolds Uldrikis. Anyways, I will still visit the doctors as I intended to do to find out my health status just to know what is, what will and what may possibly be wrong with my health. Currently it may not be necessary, but there has not been an event of such kind in a long long time. Link: RayNiz art participates in the Libresse Underwear contest. Laacz has found a pretty nice shooting game - Delerium fight. The first few stages are pretty slow, but after that the pace catches on and you are in for some serious alien butt kicking. I made it through wave 10. Our coursemates invade Delfi - this time it's Martins Dzenitis and his neverending car quest. Benvenuto shows us how to make blogs attractive using pictures [pay attention to the image]. Samurai X, for Ingo. Agressor has found End Of The World, the possible and quite cool view on nuclear war. Wed., January 07. Mouse and Christine had a pretty wild party tonight at Vernissage center - they are not sharing the details yet, but the common mind of the common person suggests that drinking at work usually produces pretty much interesting stories to hear about yourself and about what you did. As for me, during watching of Dead Man, I managed to lock myself out of the house during one of the smoke breaks [relax, ya batty, it ain't me smoking, just keeping company]. Dude, that's crazy. Speaking of the movie by Jim Jarmusch - I expected it to be a crazy Lynch style psycho flick, but it turned out to be a pretty twisted and crazy comedy [called by a movie reviewer at imdb - filmed poetry] with some peak moments and bright cast of characters, some of which lived only a few minutes onscreen. I would also like to note Depp's magical acting with his eyes and the line: Yes I'm a poet. Do you know my poetry? after which he shot the man. Brilliant. See the movie if you like weird. Quote: Big George: I don't give a damn who saw what, and who did what, or who did who. Nobody: That weapon will replace your tongue. You will learn to speak through it. And your poetry will now be written with blood. From Dead Man. Thought: When the whole life seems to much to carry and 24 hours a day too less, remember the story about the mayo jar and beer. A professor in a philosophy lecture put a big empty mayo jar on the table and filled it with golf balls. He asked the students - is the jar full? They gave an affirmative answer. Professor then poured a box of pebblestone in the jar, which filled the spaces between the golf balls. He asked again if the jar was full and students agreed. Then the man behind the desk poured a box of sand in the jar - the sand filled the spaces in the jar - and he turned back to the audience smiling with flying colors, repeating the same question which was replied with a loud "Yes!" from the class. Then the professor took two botles of beer and poured them in the jar. The beer ingrained the sand and students began to laugh. "And now," said the prof as the laughter settled. "I would like you all to recognize that the jar represents all your lives. Golf balls are the most important things in it - family, children, health, friends, hobbies - things that remain when everything else is lost and your life is still full. Pebblestone stands for other things that are important in your life, like work, car, house. Sand is everything else, small things, that fill your everyday, life. Think! If you fill it with sand first, there's no more room neither for pebblestone nor golf balls. It's the same thing happening to your life - if you fill it up with useless stuff, you will fail in filling it with worthless one. Focus on things you care for and find important, that are most important for your happiness. Play with children! Ask your parents out for a dinner! Go fishing! Celebrate your 18 year jubilee - again! You will find another time to clean up the house. Take care of the golf balls first. Everything else is just sand." Then a student raised his arm to ask: "Yo, professor, but what's the meaning of beer in all this?" The professor smiled and replied: "I'm glad you asked! With that I wanted to show you that no matter how filled your life is - there is always room for a couple of beers..." Sent in by Evita. Tue., January 06. Yesterday evening we received a visit from Gust and thus spent the whole night installing his precious new PC and fighting various worm type viruses. Awful. Am tired as hell. Mon., January 05. This is a cry for help to anyone who has visited DIX HQ during the last month or so. We have lost our last book - the A5 format blue one entitled Stone Stories with an image of a red guy sitting on a planet faced away on the cover. Has any of you seen it? Link: Dave Barry on Hurricane Season, which has some specific references to South Florida, but it should be just as useless to residents of other areas. Ingo, we wait for an invitation to the anime movie event... Sun., January 04. Sunday Night Football - it's Playoffs time so guess some of us will be into the games tonight via the ViaSat Sport channel provided by Telia. Not me. Uh-huh. I will be too busy completing my article for one of the biggest magazines in atvia. Tough times. Also today is the last day Anna is around Latvia - already tomorrow she will leave back for Brussels to return only in Summer. And more - tonight Jippo arrives for two fun weeks of studies, session and Divine Intervention X. In other news - due to lack of nicotine and spirits in my bloodstream, my body has started to reject food. Just pure potatoes with sausage and cheese. And my body doesn't accept it. Going to see a doctor and a hairdresser in the nearest days to come. Sat., January 03. This shall be known as the day I quit smoking and drinking. As most of you know, it is not an easy decision and even less an easy task to fulfil. I was fed my first cigarette by Jippo and Crab during last class of highschool and started to smoke regularly on Year 2 of University. Lately it had turned to about a pack of cigarettes per day. As a beginner it was no difference to me what brand of smoke to use, but as in any case after a while I found my favorites - after a short struggle with stronger brands I turned to Winston One [link courtesy of Discount Cigarettes], which was really light and extremely long to smoke. This lasted for a really long time, I kinda become attached to this brand, participated in all contests they were offering each Christmas and even won two extremely durable umbrellas, one of which I gave away as a present one rainy day to my brother so he could walk around the rain and safely enjoy his cigarettes under the protective roof of Winston. My search for lower tar cigarettes in the summer of 2002 eventually lead to Fusion One [yeah,] - those were even lighter than air to smoke, lasted for a remarkably shorter amount of puffs thus allowing me to use a significantly larger amount of cigs over time and time after time upset the people wishing to bum some smoke from me - they all as one told that this cigarette is made from leafs of maple, not tobacco. Go Canada! Anyway, during Summer 2003 I noticed a strange thing, appearing as if some supernatural force was trying to stop me from smoking. It was definetely someone high, maybe even from internal affairs. All of a sudden, without any reason my favorite brand disappeared from the shelves of all neighborhood shops, one by one. After a week it was nowhere to be found in the whole city. Try to find Fusion One in Riga today - you won't be able! Anyways, I was forced to find a workaround to this problem and I discovered just what I was looking for - Mild Seven Super Lights [from]. The word mild says it all. They're 3 and 0.3 nicotine and tar, but taste so soft and gentle, just like tenderly kissing your loved ones lips. You have to smoke them to believe it. I was so happy, I smoked them every day, enjoying the sweet smell, brilliant perfection and nurturing those cigarettes gave to me. It was perfect. But this New Year, the terror struck me with it's powerful hand. Also Mild Seven cigarettes vanished from the stores like the last leaves from maple trees this late Winter. One by one and one for all I discovered there was no store in the whole capital to buy those cigarettes. But this time I was unable to find any replacement as quickly as needed - not even Caines nor Phillip Morris helped me out of this situation. I was mad, pissed and who knows what else. That moment I met a decision. I'm going on a smoke strike. I refuse to smoke another cigarette until they bring my favorite brand back to my neighborhood stores. As for the drinking - to solidarize with cigarette strike, I have gone also on drinking strike and will not buy another drink from local stores until they bring back my favorite cigarettes. And missing with my amounts of alcohol consumption, the local shops may soon go out of business. In other news, as far as I have been informed, Ingo went to countryside to chop wood this morning. That'll show em, huh! Phwew. Today's report turned out pretty long. Guess I need a break, some fresh air and a cigarette. Link: Since HBO haven't changed a bit on their original site about one of our favorite characters on TV, here you go with Ali G In Da USAiii! on Channel 4. Check out the character pages - they all are shaped in their respective [Ali G, Borat and Bruno] styles. There's also a quiz that's pretty weak in testing value and pretty interesting in means of laughs Ali G Massiv-O-Meter. Fri., January 02. Watched From Hell - impressive, with uses of some imaginative editing and shooting techniques, with a great plot twist right in the middle of the movie, which unfortunately lowers the replay value of the flick. Be sure to see it once. Link: Sinfest on Gender Equality. PvP on What's Romantic. Update: Damn! Scott Kurtz changed what I thought to be the one of the funniest lines in history of PvP! Just a day later he changed the original reply Cole gives to Brent in 3rd panel which was as well the essence of the whole strip. It stated: you know, Brent, something isn't romantic as long as she enjoys it and you don't! The biography of a ex-con turned actor, the cousin of Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo. Thu., January 01, 2004 The new design of Ozo Golf Club is up. A few words on my New Year - I completed the new at about 10 AM yesterday morning, went to sleep, woke up after about 8 hours and got to Pink place to party along Ella, Anna, Iwchiq [while nurturing some dogs birth], Inga, RayNiz, pink DeeDee and Pinx. This year we went to check out what the Old Town of Riga does about New Year. And I must say - the main activity for the Old Town is sucking the money from our pockets via enormously huge entrance fees to various pubs and their pretty much regular parties. It was slightly cold, full of people and in the narrow streets of Old Town the fireworks sounded pretty much like war of Vietnam. After the fireworks [during which we met my bro, Christine, Romans and Dimster] we went to eat and returned home for some movies - Bruce Almighty and Top Secret. Was nice and fun. And tonight we went on to skating at Lido Center, already fulfilling one of the deeds to be done in 2004, along with about another thousand people. On other celebrations, as far as I am informed, Ingo and Christine spent this New Year together with colleagues from work, but Gust - with his honeybee Elena in Moscow, Jippo and Mouse in Tukums, Crab - I guess, in Ireland. Cheers! Link: Lyrics to I Love To Singa and O Sole Mio, songs worth checking out, memorize and perform in on various occasions. Also I just recently listened more carefully to Nelly's Country Grammar - they are quite a blast!