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Tue, 12/30/2003 - 20:56

Tue., December 30. All work and no joy makes Jack a dull boy. Happy New Year! After cleaning WuTangs teeth for the first time in his life, we watched Thomas Crown Affair yesterday with Mouse. A flawed movie, though has its moments. Too much of a badly staged horribly unlikely love story [and Rene Russo was terribly miscast] and too less of museum robbery - and the trailer suggests that the whole movie revolves around the thievery plot. Also, I changed the fan on my Pentium IV - and the new one works without sound. It's all OzoGolf today. Link: Pandora Tomorrow. And Sex Addicts Anonymous. Also Laacz on cats.

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Sun, 11/30/2003 - 20:51

November 30. We got together already Friday evening to have some fun, hang out and watch a movie recomended by Checkz - Spun. Check out the website, it's a wild ride... Unfortuntely I will not be able to do anything more tonight, since tonight we are watching Sunday Night Football Game Rams vs Vikings, so check back about tomorrow noon. Link: Penny Arcade: [Hell Nowadays] [Blizzard Commercializes Underground] [Castlen Wolfensteinen]

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Fri, 10/31/2003 - 20:41

October 31. Ingo complained I update too rarely. This might be very well true and due to following reasons: I am quite busy with my social life and pretty rarely there happens to be an evening like this one when I am home alone and can actually access the PC to do work related stuff. Furthermore, lately I am become involved into creating a new design for Actually this week so far has been pretty lucky for you - I have had two entire evenings home alone - not counting Mouse, who happens to go to sleep earlier than me. Looking back to the previous month I could note down about six days I have been home alone. That perfectly describes the kind of lifestyle I've been leading for quite a long time. OK, now for the actual events today. After yesterdays drinking Bono-party [sponsored by me helping out Ingmaar on a tricky web-related thing] with RayNiz today I admitted myself a true bohemian, recognizing payment for public service as unforeseen expenses. As a revenge me and Mouse washed WuTang with a shampoo in the evening since he is infested with some kind of fleas or something. Got a pretty funny picture of the poor wet pussy I'm gonna show you when the film is developed. Maybe I should in another pet - a monkey to pick out all the fleas from my beloved cat? More - Southpark 709 Christian Rock Hard is home where it belongs. Link: How money is made. And Dixiblog. Coincidence, nothing more.

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Tue, 09/30/2003 - 20:39

September 30. One of my versions for has finally neared somewhat further the way of acception. This can only mean one thing - I will dive now deeply into this project for about two weeks. I have discovered that both of my ftp programs are not good - this is the reason both you and I can't now use the shockwave menu above. Hmm.

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Thu, 08/28/2003 - 20:37

August 28. Today I realized there is no use for making plans or any other similar stuff whatsoever. I woke up at 7.30 because of Jippo and Crab talking too loud in the livingroom being up after yesterdays movie-watching-party with about 10 people I found in DIX HQ when I returned from work, although I usually wake up every day at around 13-14.00 and immediately fixed me a drink to get me to sleep. Life is so weird. And the party that started on April 16 most likely will end never.

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Thu, 07/31/2003 - 20:35

July 31. Kelly's Metamorphosis and Bundy Quotes. You can get lost there for a while.

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Sun, 06/29/2003 - 20:24

June 29. Awfully small world. We went to the sea to see the sun and met Girts Kublish. In the evening we went to congratulate that Mouse of Jippo's on her graduation from Riga Tourism School. And as one of former alumni's we meet the very same Girts Kublinsh there...

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Fri, 05/30/2003 - 20:22

Fri., 30.05.2003. Celebrating the one year and almost one month anniversary since beginning of dix daily, hereby dix daily is officially discontinued. Don't worry, though, you will get notified of most important events time after time as we are heavily working on re-designing and re-making the whole structure and everything else you know of The new face of this webpage will be introduced in September 2003. Congrats also to Jippo on his birthday today!

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Wed, 04/30/2003 - 20:09

Wed., 30.04.2003. Gust [right] sent a message saying that the sun is very, very dziekuje in Poland. His shiny mood is even more boosted by the fact that today they have a shorter school day because of desinsection and four full holidays because of 1st of May. Also Pinx is abroad - he has left for Saloniki, Greece, to see the Final Four basketball games and will return only Monday. Update: Some new pics from this years activities, now along with captions.

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Mon, 03/31/2003 - 20:02

Mon., 31.03.2003.
The month is over and we have switched to summer time this weekend. As we proceed to live the last days covered in Duography 1997-2003, Jay Kay has announced that current chapters of Duography [for now only existing in his imagination and current diary] are the most important, philosophical and wise of them all. Like a conclusion and stuff.
Thought: Sent in by Marex Dude: Young chicks suck - most of them don't really want it too much, [they're] just grown out of doll age or smth. Older chicks like her are damn horny and will do anything for it and in it. And I mean - anything huh huh...
Dats why I dropped that little chick. [..] I need cure from a woman not hard work on a kid. but I had to try that to realise it.
Link: A free coffee holder! No bull!

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Fri, 02/28/2003 - 19:46

Fri., 28.02.2003. The week of waiting is almost over. Unfortunately not much has been done in dix worx this week, but what a load of fun we had... More of this and news from dix creators - already this weekend and next week.

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Fri, 01/31/2003 - 19:43

Fri., 31.01.2003. This Friday will once again be a movie night. Jay Kay and Kitty will be watching Disney's loudest roar since the Lion King - Lilo and Stitch, whereas Pinx, Christine, RayNiz, Raiwo, Iwchiq and Ingo (and maybe more from the gang) will most likely go to see The Two Towers, and - the most important - Gust will be premiering the immortal Green Instinct at Palac Staszic in Poland! For those of you not being lucky enough to be in any of those happy crowds, we suggest to take a glimpse at pictures from X-Men 2 [due May 2 in USA; no comments], Bruce Almighty [May 23; Jim Carrey becomes God for a week], Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King [Dec 17; final saga in the trilogy], Bulletproof Monk [Apr 16; fighting flick with a fantasy plot, be sure to see the trailer], Once Upon A Time In Mexico [Mar 21; Desperado 2], Old School [Feb 21; middleaged men play college]. For yourself and this evening, rent or go to a cinema to see: Analyze That [back in therapy], 25th Hour [Edward Norton has to make sense out of his life during one day before going to prison], Gangs of New York [even if names like di Caprio, Scorsese, Day-Lewis and Diaz don't mean nothing to you, anyway go watch it, because Ingo said it's cool], Catch Me If You Can [should also be if not cool then entertaining]. Link: Matrix Reloaded Superbowl Trailer. In case you did not have the chance to see the original teaser trailer to the movie, according to Cietnis Blog this is the trailer for the Superbowl. The same teaser, just bigger. Thought: Heard quite a long time ago from Rolands Petersons, a work colleague: They say that Finns are naturally owls and go to sleep very late at night. But that's natural - all Northern country inhabitants believe that when the sun sets, the day is not over - and continue to work. Whereas people living nearer to equator start to get sleepy at sunset. Thought by Jay Kay: I seriously hope that everything works out well.

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