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Sat, 12/24/2005 - 22:44

We started the night with Cinderella Man - long patriotic one-man-army, partly - The Ladies Man, an awful crap, the ending of Way of the Gun - so, so, but with internesting gunplay, Merchant of Venice - twisted Shakespeare genius, and Love Stinks, a guide to guys, how not to.

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Sun, 12/04/2005 - 14:28

John And John, a sick comic, is advertising the ability to search online for your favorite webcomic may turn into search spamming - it's when you post links to google search results to your webpage, Google then records it and posts as a higher relevancy site in other searches with each time, like porn, or how to please a woman. Sex pretty much still rules the world from estonian girl porn to German Playmates. I wonder what somebody must have had on mind seaching for song-there were the days.... From the searches I also see that Jamiroquai is still alive - peace out to you, Jay Kay. We cool. Would it be a good idea to start selling magnetic underwear [my original article on January 2005]?

Sunday, January 23. Jay Kay: Plus, I got this idea for the name of an underwear company. Actually it can be any body-wear company, scent producers, stocking makers, anything like that. The idea is to call the company Magnetic and promote it's product to be Magnetic Scent, Magnetic Underwear or something like that in the means it attracts opposite sex as magnet. Think that's too weird? You might be surprised how many things that sound weird are out in this crazy world. For example, check out American Cheerleaders. Twisted.

Sometimes I wonder where all of you get your ideas and ways to find, but nevermind that, the most important thing is all of us have met here in this place to do something fun together. You'll always get what you ask for.

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Sun, 11/13/2005 - 20:40

Checkz has launched his own online radio station. Tune your audio system to Melomans' Station!

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Sat, 11/12/2005 - 16:13

I took WuTang for his annual vaccine "against all bad cat diseases", as I was informed at the pet clinic. During the process the cat was handed an International Certificate Of Vaccination. In this paper, the lovely nurse filled in all the neccessary data about your beloved cat. Name: WuTang. Date Of Birth: 11.10.2002. Sex: Male. Breed: Cat - Siamese Metis. Colour: Siamese. Now WuTang has an official breed, that sounds.

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Sun, 11/06/2005 - 16:47

Promise is a promise - I finally took a picture of the wall in my apartment and here it is. Weird thing, huh? If you remember, couple weeks ago I wrote about mysterious portrait on the wall, which appeared, when I took mirror of the wall in my flat. It really looks like contours of man's head and shoulders, doesn't it? If you are interested, you can buy the piece of wall for reasonable price. Send me your offers

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Mon, 10/24/2005 - 08:48

Jay wrote me he's sitting now at home with some internet problems: "As with all rearrangements and remakes DIX facelift suffers from "techincal difficulties". Mostly they are caused by lack of time or/and money. Donate some or your time or money to DIX, helping it develop. Help DIX grow. Pinx had a dirtier version of this slogan and almost wanted me to put it on the official DIX T shirts." I've always told that PCs are mostly here for one sole purpose: to break down. That's why I don't like working with PCs. I've actually grown tired from internet.

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