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Tue, 12/31/2002 - 16:06

Tue., 31.12.2002. All the best wishes to you for the upcoming 2003! Be a better person next year. Live more. Score more. Good luck. Have received a New Year greeting from Armins Gruntmanis: "Lots of luck and happy New Year. May your next year be less liquid [in means of alcohol consumed] than this one." Aw yea, merry Christmas this December to a lot of folks I don't remember. Hope his wish comes true, since I am discontinuing my drinking-day calendar for 2003. It was fun while it lasted [1998-2002] but nowadays there are other priorities than plain getting woozy. However my favorite greeting of yuletide season comes from a very special person in my life - Cilvecinsh: "I don't know how does it go with warmness of the soul and light Christmas, but one thing is for sure - a hot kiss from me to you - tchaa...on your nozzle!!!" Link: Ozogolf prices for year 2003 and stuff. Will be uploaded 18.00 [Latvian time] today.

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Fri, 11/29/2002 - 16:00

Fri., 29.11.2002. Got an invitation from former work colleague Armins Gruntmanis to participate in editing the Vidzeme University College paper Viaduct. Called Arnis Sauka today - refreshing old memories and old acquiantances is always fun. Link: Reincarnation of Billy Joel's We Did Not Start The Fire - found today on who most likely found it earlier somewhere else. Another link: The Clock of Latvian debt. Created by my work colleague Beregu. Click refresh for dynamic illustration of what is going on there. The text on the page translated: The debt of country of Latvia. Increases by Ls 28180.33 per day. Ls 1174.18 per hour. Ls 19.57 per minute. Ls 0.33 per second. The clock illustrates the speed of increase of debt of country of Latvia [whoa, how many uses of of in a single sentence - Translator [that would be me - Translator]]. The clock is not intended for supplying exact information. In October 31 2002 the debt of country of Latvia was Ls 750.081 [source: Latvian Treasury]. In December 31 2002 the debt will be Ls 751.8 [source: forecast of Ministry of Finance]. According to mentioned MF forecast, next year the increase of debt will be Ls 5.27 per second. More links: Found today the highschool I was going to has really high ranks among the other schools out there.

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Thu, 10/31/2002 - 15:51

Thu, 31.10.2002. Ingo arrives today at noon, so for obvious reasons I will not be able to update for a while. Anyway I would like to annouce Poland wins Latvia! During my recent visit to I have found out that the statistics for have dramatically changed, I'd like to present the top 3: 17.-31. October 2002 13.78% 11.11% 4.89% Incredible. Congratulations. Also I would like to announce that I am working on a CD - Gust Edition that will contain all the files currently and recently on as well as linked files and some software [the codec stuff, you know] and will be handed over to Gust as soon as he arrives to Latvia. This is done due to long download times of recent video clips. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the CD, let me know. I'll ponder your situation.

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Mon, 09/30/2002 - 15:45

Mon, 30.09.2002. The voyage to re-discover the internet continues. The service people at Lattelekom still continue to make my day as bright as possible. I spent almost the whole Monday at the phone talking online with the service people. Actually most of the time I was listening to the stupid songs since they put me on hold pretty much [like 99% of the time]. One lady [after 15 minutes of hold-time] promised to call me back. She did not call back for two hours, so I called again. Another lady put me on hold for another 15 minutes and then the call just ended with a long beep. I called again and this time a guy answered. He refused to connect me to the lady I was speaking before that and after ANOTHER 15 MINUTES I finally got informed that THEY HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED THE FAX I SENT ON FRIDAY!!! Hey, I mean, come on, how big is the Lattelekom office? Some lady informed me that they got the fax on Friday. As I understood they have two separate offices in the building for phone lines - in one of them they connect back the phone lines, in another they enable your internet connection. I got my phone line back up and working already on Friday. But my internet connection is still down. I was told that the three [five] working days are needed for the people to connect back the phone lines BECAUSE OF THE LONG LINES of people waiting to connect the phones back. So, if I am not mistaken, the Home DSL waiting line is at least three times as long as the regular phone waiting line? To my mind, the workers at Lattelekom are just way too lame and lazy to work correctly and adequately - if they can not connect back my phone line after such extensive and massive bombing with my phone calls and inquiries and other ways of communication I tried back there Friday at the Lattelekom office. So the point I am trying to make was inspired by Pinx earlier today - be sure to ALWAYS pay your Lattelekom bills on time. Not because they cut the lines pretty fast, but because they will make your life a living hell when you would want to connect back the lines. Damn. I'm tired. I guess I will write them an inquiry about all this. Or just forward this message [as suggested by Gust from away far over mör Poland]. Anyway, greetings to you all [from you all], and try to keep your sanity during this awfully exhausting pre-voting time [as you might know we have government elections this Saturday]. Also this Saturday we will have Dimsters party!!! Dimster will have his birthday celebration in Daugavpils, so this is the destination we are going to get away from the elections, Lattelekoms and all the stuff that is going on around us currently. C. U. Tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to post some message already from the DIX HQ. Late at night - YEA! Internet has returned! Me and Jippo start to celebrate. No messages today. Just plain beer.

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Fri, 08/30/2002 - 15:34

Fri, 30.08.2002. - Sun 01.09.2002. The Latvians are going to catch the final glimpse of the summer sun in a huge Summer Session Bash. We suggest you do the same. In case you do not succeed to do so, you can revisit the magic of Summer Session 2001.

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Wed, 07/31/2002 - 15:26

Wed, 31.07.2002. Having a good morning sleep since all the work today - and even more tomorrow.

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Sun, 06/30/2002 - 15:26

Sat, 30.06.2002.
A note from Dimster and RayNiz:
Today we did have some fun. To all that missed the point the guy named RayNiz's girl is staying in Riga for one last day. What he has decided to do is to hang out with his friend Dimster and to have fun. His shaved pussy is leaving tonight. so we stay with Dimster and have fun at DIX HQ. As RayNiz says: "I have won ,55 Ls today and it is not near to te fact that Dimster has gripped an awesome total of 25 Ls after inserting just 5 santims into the slot machine. After that we will stop hacking this page and hmmm weellllll just watch Gustavo and after his performace we will have the full time watching Will Smith performing in the MEGA FILM called DA MANO I BLANCO."

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Thu, 05/30/2002 - 21:00

Fri., 31.05.2002. Have to work on the Latvian Athletics page again. Sorry, fellas, mea culpa.

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