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Tue, 12/31/2002 - 16:06

Tue., 31.12.2002. All the best wishes to you for the upcoming 2003! Be a better person next year. Live more. Score more. Good luck. Have received a New Year greeting from Armins Gruntmanis: "Lots of luck and happy New Year. May your next year be less liquid [in means of alcohol consumed] than this one." Aw yea, merry Christmas this December to a lot of folks I don't remember. Hope his wish comes true, since I am discontinuing my drinking-day calendar for 2003. It was fun while it lasted [1998-2002] but nowadays there are other priorities than plain getting woozy. However my favorite greeting of yuletide season comes from a very special person in my life - Cilvecinsh: "I don't know how does it go with warmness of the soul and light Christmas, but one thing is for sure - a hot kiss from me to you - tchaa...on your nozzle!!!" Link: Ozogolf prices for year 2003 and stuff. Will be uploaded 18.00 [Latvian time] today.

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Sun, 06/30/2002 - 15:26

Sat, 30.06.2002.
A note from Dimster and RayNiz:
Today we did have some fun. To all that missed the point the guy named RayNiz's girl is staying in Riga for one last day. What he has decided to do is to hang out with his friend Dimster and to have fun. His shaved pussy is leaving tonight. so we stay with Dimster and have fun at DIX HQ. As RayNiz says: "I have won ,55 Ls today and it is not near to te fact that Dimster has gripped an awesome total of 25 Ls after inserting just 5 santims into the slot machine. After that we will stop hacking this page and hmmm weellllll just watch Gustavo and after his performace we will have the full time watching Will Smith performing in the MEGA FILM called DA MANO I BLANCO."

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